Big Bad Gun

I made a gun!
I set this scene up in hopes of creating a sheltered from the cold kinda feel and I wanted to have a cool subject of the picture, so I choose a gun.

I’d like to give my thanks to all of you who helped me fine-tune this scene!



Hi guys!
I don’t want to sound like a whiny preteen, but I was wondering why this render doesn’t get the same attention as the other renders on here?

I like it!

How did you do the texturing? And on which gun is it based or complete from scrap?


I’m working on a gun myself (I’m new to blender) and you’ve given me some inspiration. It’s a very nice model.

Thanks, Im glad you like it! I was worried all my work was for not.

I used a combination of procedural textures and a paint mask. The paint mask was a simple black and white image I made in blender with the texture paint feature. I used this paint mask to create most of the black and blue details that I added to the gun.
I based it off several different guns that I found on google and the base and scale of the weapon came from this blueprint.

Thank you, I hope you do well with you work!