Big bright spot in Viewport Shading mode

Dear Blender Community,

I am recently experiencing a weird thing in the viewport shading mode.
I am following a tutorial by CG Fast Track, and a big bright spot happens in this mode, but not on my renders.
I don’t know what that is.

Is it a bug or something i have not done correctly ?

You can find my file in the link bellow.

Thanks for your help !

Are you referring to the shading issues right at the top of the blade where it meets the hilt? If so, turn on Autosmooth

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Hey John !

Well, i had that blade issue and i had abandonned the searchs about that so your comment officialy made my day.

But, no i am talking about the big white/bright area on the viewport shading mode, when i am in the shading tab (forgot to mention this).

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Switch to EEVEE turn off Bloom, switch back to Cycles?

That is a kind of solution indeed, but it doesn’t explain why.
I had already done this tutorial once, with bloom activated, and such thing didn’t happen.

I would like to understand this mystery, + i want to render on Eevee :slight_smile:

You have your world strength set at 10…That is way high for an HDRI, we can’t see how you connected the nodes from the light path but it should be into the Factor on a mix shader and then the HDRI would not be visible on screen but add the light…
Combine all that with a volume it will cause any bright spots in the HDRI to blow out the background with EeVee Bloom on…