Big Buck Bunny at the local electronics store

Went to pick up a new laptop mouse at my local electronics store today. As always i go lurking among the stands to check out the new stuff. Imagine my surprise when BBB was running as a demo for tons of 22" and 24" screens :slight_smile:

Just a fun observation…

I’ve seen screenshot of it on the one of the pages of some … 3D world magazine… it was advertising some… monitor or something… not sure what… and dont have the magazine at my hands.

Where was the store? I saw the same thing at the Microcenter in Madison Heights, Mi. Their entire Monitor Wall was playing BBB.

Man, this is cool. BBB public!(again)

Take some photos of BBB running on multiple screens when you see it next, and post them here!

It is very cool that the video is getting around so well…

It was at Euronics in Norway, Stavanger area. Too bad they didn’t play it on the big screens :slight_smile:

I saw BBB running as a demo at most prestigious luxury department store KaDeWe (Berlin/Germany) 2008.07.17

why don’t we burn a couple cd or dvd with the hi-def BBB to give to the local PC places that have displays running the usual boring screensaver?

I think I can convince the Compuxpart store to try it out, though I’m not sure how to figure out which resolution clip would be the best for their displays. All their display have on the screen is a google screensaver of hi-def nature pictures, look good but not as captivating as BBB for the average passerby.

The sad thing is, because Pixar is such a household name, people will think that this is a Pixar short. On the bright side, this is proof that the Blender is known to more people than we think.

Sad, when thinking that it’s not getting proper credit. On the other hand, people finding it Pixar-quality material is a praise I’d kill for. Well, maybe not kill … just a few punches.