Big Buck Bunny files being actually used.

So, it would seem someone is actually using the BBB files to do something other than just browse them,
ironically though, its done in maya…


cgtalk announcement thread:

Thanks :wink: , and we do it in maya because our freelancers , don’t know how to use blender.

Donation ?!? Huh? Why on earth would anyone want to donate money for something like that? They are using Maya and MentalRay, they are not giving anything back to the community in any way.

Interesting. I am curious what it is about. With that title I can only guess.

They are not worthy of donations for using proprietary software.
I would donate the Durian project rather than this non-sense.

Found that kind of curious.

Guys please don’t post this kinds of things, we didn’t forced anyone to donate , it’s free choise , and you know that for using a rendering farm and hireing someone to do the music is not free , and we are freelancers , we can’t pay all the things by ourselfs , donate if you want , don’t donate if you don’t , but don’t start with the bad words.
I’ve talked with Tom Roosendaal he allowed us to use the BBB stuff and he’s happy that were doing this project.
And i’m The project Director , i’ve started with the idea and i’m not iranian, even if i was i don’t see why is this a bad thing.
Were using maya just because all of our 15 members know maya , we don’t have any problem with blender , we don’t hate the program , it’s a quite intersting program , but if we work with it will take more time to finish the project , only because of the members adjusting with it.
Thanks for the time.

Originally Posted by The Verb
Those Iranians are not worthy of donations for using proprietary software.

Is it worth mentionning the nationality of 2 among the 12 members of this team?

I precise I’m not involved in any way in this project, just can’t stand this kind of behaviour, not even “for christ’s sake”. :mad:

You seem to have forgotten to mention that there are Romanian, Swedish, Chinese, Indian and German people on the team as well. I would be tempted to call that cherry picking.

Then who is the intolerant one?

For Allah’s sake
For Buddha’s sake
For Thor’s sake

There, does that make you feel better? Did I miss anyone?

I’m an atheist and I hate all religions in equal amounts, they are nothing but fairytales - the root of all evil.

Some people are idiots and you can´t really do anything about it more than ignore them. Nice initiative and it will be interesting to see what difference Maya can make. Of course it´s mostly up to the skill of the artists, but interesting nonetheless…

May I ask you why you do not like that expression? If it is because of the religious implications do you feel the same way about the word “Thursday”? - You do know it’s named after a god, right? I’m not trying to flame, I would just like to know how anybody can be offended by something like that. :eek:

That’s one Fine lookin’ Ass-Hat you’re wearin’ there The Verb!!!
Ten gallon ain’t it? Definitely not :RocknRoll:!!!

Free and Open Source = Check with “The Verb” or “mpl” at Central Planning on proper usage.:evilgrin:

P. Monk

P.S. I won’t be donating but good luck with the project.

Some people are very close minded and, well to be honest a little retarded i guess.

They have released the maya scripts, that is giving back, perhaps not to everybody in this comminuty, but i know for a fact there are maya uses here, so that helps them. Just becuase this doesn’t fit into your ideal image of everything being open and free, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve attention or some support.

This is one of the reasons why i rarely come to this forun anymore, it’s getting worse.


Good look with the project, i hope it turns out well. How will you’s be releasing the animation, will it be released online and i’d assume that your going to be releasing all of the modified BBB characters in maya, since they are under open source license?

Yeah the video will be free for public , i don’t know yet about the scene release , i will think about it and post it in the blog , but that depends on what will do on the future , but the video definitely will be online

This thread turned ugly real fast. Not the best way to represent the community. Alex_TNT can you give the idea behind the movie? What is the overall plot about?

The details are on the blog , posted them today . Sorry i’ve replyed to other questions but i was under 5 messages so must wait for moderation.


Interesting news. I have let blendernation know. :slight_smile:

  • og and good luck with the project! i believe that these kind of usages of the files is exacly was originally intended!

Pretty cool idea! I’m glad to see some people are using the assets. My only hope
is that all the assets created from this film are shared as well.

You read me the wrong way. I was not saying I do not like this expression. To be understood, I shouldn’t have written it in quotes but in Italic. You should read my sentence with the expression being part of it(like without the quote). In fact, the quotes were a reminder of a post using this expression(the post TheVerb was replying to_again I should have written it in Italic).
And I don’t care about the word “thursday”, since I usually use the word “jeudi”_ also refering to a god!
But you reach the point I think, I was not innocent when using(I said using) this expression.
Make your mind.