Big Buck Bunny rigs acting funky

Wanted to play a little bit this morning with the BBB rigs and I’ve discovered that they are acting really funny and exploding a lot in Blender 2.47 (downloaded from on OSX 10.4.11.

With version 2.46 the rigs behave right. It seems a problem with constraints.

So far I’ve tested Rinky and the Bunny and they show similar problems.

This is a little video of what I’m talking. Look at Rinky’s spine and stretchy IK arm.

Nathan, any clues ?


Turn on scriptlinks. Pyconstraints and Pydrivers are all hidden behind the ‘Enable Scriptlinks’ in 2.47, while they were not in 2.46, in order to appease those security-paranoid people.


Cool! That did the trick!

:stuck_out_tongue: Ahhhhh newbies

Thanks a lot


Is there any place online to get the rigs for BBB?



Look for the DVD iso.