big bug or i miss something

i got a texture that i have done in z brush and when i reopen it in blender i got a major trouble. the texture look fine in 3d view butwhen i render the texture seams a bit weird so i do some test and the test tell me that for each face the face is still at the same place but fliped so the texture is like cut into part at each edge. a kind of cycling.
did someone know howto copy uv from one object to the other?

Could you please post examples pictures so that we could have a better guess??? along with a view of the various Map to, map input, etc. buttons? I think that you didn’t turned on the UV button in the Map To panel. Did you? Please be more explicit with your questions, and add images whenever possible, especially when texturing or modeling…

my trouble in fact seems to be an import export obj trouble.
i export a mesh with uv, as obj reopen it in zbrush, and export it to obj and reopen it in blender.
what happen is all the uv faces are now separate and some seems to be cycled(like if the verts on the face have change their numbers) so i can t weld or stitch because of that.
so is ther a way to transfer uv from one object to another?

Did you try to select all points on edit mode then press Ctrl-N for fix obj normal before?