Big green monster

Here is a character I’ve been working on. I’m experimenting with hair for this one. Hope you like it. If you have any comments that will help it look better I will strongly appreciate them.

You might try some back light . I notice a halo around hair in pictures. The hair on it’s stomach stands out.
Around the hand and arm it is hard to see. The contrast with the hair near the horn also stands out.

I rendered another image… The render looks a little bit too artificial… I’m not trying a realistic render by any chance but I’m not satisfied with the result… any suggestions using the internal render??.. and any lighting suggestions???

hair does standout more along edges. I was thinking about reflective or emit to bring hair out more . like an oil on hair. also how did you get the hair on the monster . uv map ? eyes may help and a horizon. blue sky . it has a teddy bear fur look. What is your render time for this image?