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Hi all,

Somewhat new to Blender, but not to 3D. Some of you old-timers might understand the reference to Big Little in post title. It refers to Big Little Books which were a pretty neat thing in the past. I used to like reading them as they had a very simple format: picture on one page with text on the other.

As I learn blender, I am constantly taking notes with screenshots, and masterxeon1001 mentioned I should share them here on

Some of these tips may be obvious to you, but weren’t at the time obvious to me, hence their inclusion.

If there is a tip which is either wrong or there’s a better way to do it, please speak up.

I’ll be adding to this list from time to time. I hope there are a few helpful ones in the lot.

20 reasons to switch from SketchUp to Blender
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Snapping in Edit Mode

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Creating Die-Cast Rib Patterns

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Another Die Cast Rib Pattern

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Dropping Objects to the Surface Below.

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Boxcutter by masterxeon1001 is a truly stunning tool. I knocked this out in only a short few minutes.

I’ve spent some time creating some Big Little Tips for Boxcutter in 2D mode. I’ll get to the 3D mode next. I hope these help some folks learn about how great it is!

Hard Ops Thread
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PDF of the above:

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Hey Chipp,

I remember you from the VUE/Cornucopia forums. Still doing great work I see.
Thanks for the helpful tips! :smiley:

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Hi CharMN (Charles in Minnesota?),

Yep, been a long time since the Vue days. Good times. Moved on to a bunch of AR/VR type stuff:
( )

Hope things are well for you.

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Not Charles but Chalean. :slight_smile: Minnesota, yes. Good to know you’re still creating. Hope to see
more of your stuff here. OK, I’ll stop hijacking the thread now.

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Keep the good stuff coming man, cheers!

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How to merge multiple materials into a single material without having to link materials in objects. For those of you with KeyShot experience, you know how valuable this can be.

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I always appreciate folks that take their time to set up nice instructions - but… I think the font choice & color over a medium grey background makes it difficult to read. The font is rather cool - a technical drawing look, but I find it hard to read.

Is there a mixed case version - that might do the trick. Plus boring black text on a lighter grey background.

And of course - feel free to ignore my opinion.

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@chippwalters - thanks so much for these awesome tips & tricks!

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Thanks Dan for taking the time to view them!

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Thank you for your comments. The design of these will stay the same. If you try doing something similar, please share your results :slight_smile:

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thank you for this,it’s really helpful, but could u plz from now on change the color of the texts to white or whatever, red is really hard for me to read.