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Hi all,

Somewhat new to Blender, but not to 3D. Some of you old-timers might understand the reference to Big Little in post title. It refers to Big Little Books which were a pretty neat thing in the past. I used to like reading them as they had a very simple format: picture on one page with text on the other.

As I learn blender, I am constantly taking notes with screenshots, and masterxeon1001 mentioned I should share them here on

Some of these tips may be obvious to you, but weren’t at the time obvious to me, hence their inclusion.

If there is a tip which is either wrong or there’s a better way to do it, please speak up.

I’ll be adding to this list from time to time. I hope there are a few helpful ones in the lot.


Snapping in Edit Mode


Creating Die-Cast Rib Patterns


Another Die Cast Rib Pattern


Dropping Objects to the Surface Below.


Boxcutter by masterxeon1001 is a truly stunning tool. I knocked this out in only a short few minutes.

I’ve spent some time creating some Big Little Tips for Boxcutter in 2D mode. I’ll get to the 3D mode next. I hope these help some folks learn about how great it is!


PDF of the above:


Hey Chipp,

I remember you from the VUE/Cornucopia forums. Still doing great work I see.
Thanks for the helpful tips! :smiley:


Hi CharMN (Charles in Minnesota?),

Yep, been a long time since the Vue days. Good times. Moved on to a bunch of AR/VR type stuff:
( )

Hope things are well for you.

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Not Charles but Chalean. :slight_smile: Minnesota, yes. Good to know you’re still creating. Hope to see
more of your stuff here. OK, I’ll stop hijacking the thread now.

Keep the good stuff coming man, cheers!

How to merge multiple materials into a single material without having to link materials in objects. For those of you with KeyShot experience, you know how valuable this can be.

I always appreciate folks that take their time to set up nice instructions - but… I think the font choice & color over a medium grey background makes it difficult to read. The font is rather cool - a technical drawing look, but I find it hard to read.

Is there a mixed case version - that might do the trick. Plus boring black text on a lighter grey background.

And of course - feel free to ignore my opinion.

@chippwalters - thanks so much for these awesome tips & tricks!

Thanks Dan for taking the time to view them!

Thank you for your comments. The design of these will stay the same. If you try doing something similar, please share your results :slight_smile:

thank you for this,it’s really helpful, but could u plz from now on change the color of the texts to white or whatever, red is really hard for me to read.

Thanks for this… I really needed something that I can read because so much to remember if you don’t use this tool every day. Nice work.