Big Machine

Hello all,

I want to share my current work in progress with you guys and hope to get some feedback :slight_smile:

I am doing this project as part of an application for an university.
The modeling of the main machine is almost finished and the next step will be the texture work and materials.

I have to finish this peace in one month (10.06.)

This machine is supposed to build a race track while driving - on the go :wink:


more pics:


Can;t wait to see it with explode modification :smiley: or glass shader hahh

Models are great, I’m waiting for the first textures!

Now that is SPECTACULAR modeling. The front piece looks something like a big coal-mining-wheel, but I don’t know what a racetrack-layer looks like.

Looks great so far :slight_smile:

Looks good. I really like the way all the machines link together.

Oh, you might want to work on that ground texture, as the tiling is obvious.

Hey guys, great that you seem to like that model :wink:

I started the material job and did a quick compositing -->


I think i will stick with just the Dirt-textures, because i can´t see what would cause scratches on that machine.

Small update:


Almost anything will put scratches on it - flying sand and grit, loose rocks that get pushed aside and scrape against the side, etc. Also I would vary the hue of that dirt texture, as now it is kind of monotonous. And the sand trails you put behind that sail-car (nice concept) are clearly alpha masked planes, I would use a smoke simulator.

I wanted to use the smoke simulator (in fact i did to render the alpha texture) but my cycles version can´t render smoke.

I have finished this Project so here are some renders:


more Renders:

Looks great! I quite like the final render. How long did it take you to make and how may polys are there? (I’d imagine quite a lot).

Thanks :wink:

the whole Scene has 1.367.381 Vertices and 1.138.532 Faces :wink: