Big Nose

Hi, I show the result of a videotutorial on sculpture.
Hope you like it.
Video Duration 2 hours.
Blender 2.69



Here the first and second video:

They are four in total.

Heh, pretty awesome for a 2 hour sculpt. :slight_smile:
I thought is something more close to a final character than a speed sculpt at start.
Id suggest to add a white colored glossy shader in order to pop out some more of the details. I checked the tutorials but I cant really understand the language - Is your reference your actual real life sculpture, or just a photo from the internet?
Cheer man!

Haha, that is awesome dude! Also very nice to watch how you made it! :smiley:

nice sculpt :smiley:

Thanks guys.
The design is from Aris models Kolokontes:

The third part:

The last part: