BIG PROJECT! anybody intrested?

hey guys, i posted this in Questions and Answers and I only got 1 responce, so, i though i might post it here too…

yo everyone, im making, or…helping to make a very big project im going to be doing in 2 years…its an independent film, and im the CGI director, and the director/writer/creator of the film wanted me to round up about 4 people to help me with all of the specialFX for the film, but…IM THE ONLY ONE IN MY WHOLE CITY THAT CAN DO IT!, i thought, hmm…maybe i could get a few interested people from the elysiun forums…anyways, yeah, were going to start filming it in 2 years, and the CGI work for it is going to be like a big blockbuster movie, so, i need some old pros, or atleast anyone who thinks they’ll be advanced enough in 2 years…(by the way, i doubt youll actually get any money for it, if any sorry…thats why we need the 2 years, so we can scrape up the money for just the production!) anywho, if your intrested, or you have any questions email me at [email protected]…thanks!

I’d love to help. I’ve got experience with filming, digital video editing, multimedia and sound compositioning, CG, rotoscoping, etc. I live in MT USA, so unless you live here and I just don’t know it, we’d have to telecommunte.

Let me know when things get rolling.

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Count me in

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I am halfway thourhg my first feature andf it is very effects intensive

Count me in, too

I’ve also some experience with Video editing, filming, sound etc.

just a question: what about is this film going to be?

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alright, cool, wow! ive been getting alot of intrest in this project! :smiley: anywho, I hate to choose between you three, but I only need 4 or so people to help me with it, and I already have 2, possibly 3…so…ill take CGI fan, and gryphon, WHOA! gryphon you sound really experienced! …your probably more experienced then me, and im the CGI director! But yeah, Nayman, you can be an alternate in case someone drops out…so…uh…if your still intrested, I need both of you, or all three of you to email me for more details on the movie, ok?..alright…i guess thats it…

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