Big Project, partly blender

My vacation has started (9 weeks! high shool) and I’m planning to start this project. I’m going to make a website game, RPG-like, where images are important. Images should be made with blender. I realise this is a big project (at least, quite big). The game is a fantasy game, playing in a time like in zelda games. There are 3 different cultures, (I’ve done some preperation, but anything can be discussed), and you can travel, trade, organize and fight. The main point of the game is the good/evil aspect: actions change your “good/evil points” and they affect your actions. This however, is NOT very complicated to make. If anyone hasn’t understood, this game will be a web game, consiting of webpages and a database. I’ve studied other web games and learned “how-to”. I can’t do this alone however. Even if you do only a little, you’re VERY welcome.We need:

  • Blender guys/girls who make the images. You need some experience with blender, not very much is needed however. You will make as much (or as little) as you want. Scenes, objects, characters(not many).

  • Database person, we need a quite simple database here.

  • Html writer, like I do to. (I do this in microsoft .net framework, but it’s also posible in simple text editor, even blocknote)Also javascript or other script, learn here.


  • Guys/Girls with good ideas. Some help would help and is highly appreciated. Also post single ideas.

Suggestions, questions and crits WELCOME! plz post.


  • (sure) ThePatrickP - html/flash
  • (sure) SamAdam - html/database
  • (sure) digital_me - blender
  • (sure) Fonix Wircs - blender


To be clear: if you join you stil do NOT have ANY obligations. You can stop working on the project anytime.

i would volunteer html help, but i don’t know if i trust you…

Why don’t you trust me?

because all of these group projects fail. or remain unfinished. Even exodus iisnt finished. and the muffin projects appears to be dying or dead.

and you have started quite a few spam-like threads recently.

I am aware of this danger. However I am willing to do quite much for this and want to put this project through. I want to learn from what the other projects have died from.

I know this is dificult, but trust me on this one.

the exodus will get done some day LOL.

but yeah ti is pretty damn bum HA HA HA

Akktajeb (my new name due to mis typing LOL)

i do dreamweaver, and as long as you aren’t using it to make money, I am fine. (it’s an educational version)
I also do templates and fireworks.

SamAdam, can I count you as in?

I might be able to do some stuff, but realize that whatever i can do needs to be told to me asap so i can get to work cuz im traveling abroad this summer and i go back to school at the end of august. (once im in school i have basicly zero time for blender :< )

here’s the deal. I am busy, but if you get more people volunteering for the key parts i am in.

digital me:
ok. and what kind of work would you like to do ?

digital me, can I say your in?

I guess im in. I wont be here next week, but i could maybe sketch somethin out if you told me what you needed.

ok, I’ll can tell you tommorow. (so you’re blendin’ ?)

I am aware of this danger. However I am willing to do quite much for this and want to put this project through. I want to learn from what the other projects have died from.

That also is a fermiliar tune. “All the others failed, but WE wont! Of course not!”

Meh. I’m indifferent anymore, but from a long time elysiun member, its plain to see that this project is probably doomed.

I wont say I told ya so :wink:

Got to have confidence :wink: :smiley:

btw. I myself also do some flash. If we want flash content.