Big Red Ball

Just playin around trying to do some realistic renders…

A big red play ball in the grass behind the house…
A big file, otherwise colors suck. Some post processing in Photoshop.


Whats with the halo…or lensflare…which ever? It takes away from the realisticness…IMO. But the render is nice :smiley:

I added that in Photoshop, thought it might make it better, guess I can “not” put it in in Photoshop LOL.

I still need more dead grass, and some dandelions or something, and I thought about putting in a hose on the right side, kinda laying out, to properly weight the image. Just haven’t gotten to it yet.


It’s nice, but the white part of the wall looks odd.

Yes, I’m not sure what to do about that yet…it’s supposed to be vinyl siding. I have the texture somewhat correct I think, but perhaps it’s not the right angle…or it needs some “dirt”-i-fying. Maybe it just needs to be brighter.

I need to get some reference photos from a house to use, got the digital camera ready, but just have to leave work now lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I do need more dead grass I think too.


I didn’t notice the vinyl siding, so it’s okay. I only noticed the cement (it’s a tich too-light) when you mentioned it. What I focused on immediately was the specular, shiny ball.

Gentlemen, start your textures. A rubber four-square ball has a somewhat mottled texture, as far as light is concerned, and it also has some regular bump-map texture that’s used to enable you to grip it easily. If these textures were applied spherically to the ball material I think you’d suddenly find the picture much more acceptable.

And with very little additional work.

You can always find “something wrong” with a CG image if you look close enough… but the eye really doesn’t do that. (You can get away with murder. David Copperfield does it for a living.) If it’s going to reject an image it’s gonna do it for a “great big fat Greek” reason, not a little one. In this case the GBFG problem is the unbelievable texture on the ball. Once that’s fixed, the eye will shrug-off the little stuff. imho…

Well, if you look at play balls at Wal-Mart, they don’t have any real “grip” texture, but I agree they are a bit “mottled”. Now I’m trying to see how to go about achieving that look lol ! I’m thinking even a basic cloud texture might do the trick.

I’ve also tried making the ball look more “transluscent”, or “glowing”, by making another mesh inside this mesh, but I need to do more texture research obviously.

I could post another pic later. (Also, no lens flare anymore too)

Thanks for the feedback all :slight_smile:


you guys are all missing it - the ball is too low!