Who had or remembers BIgTrak, i’ve started modeling one from referance pics found on the web, i have not found highly detailed or blueprint type views so for some of it i just got to wing it.
Not a great deal to show yet, wheels and wheel guards are finish modelled lower body just blocked out.


Ha, I love your models. Even right now this thing looks good.
Never heard of BigTrak, but Im likin the model

Cheers Free_ality, BigTrak was a toy from the 80’s ,it had a keypad on the back that you could program movement commands.

Heres my progress had a lot of hastle getting the sharper and rounded corners combined and making the geometry for the see through plastic bit at the from was a right pig.


This thing is cool looking. You gonna texture it with those nice 80’s style brown and orange and yellow stripes down the side? That would be cool.

awww, check that beast out…

The model is still looking good to me.

maybe you could improvise a bit, trick it out with some sort of weapons…hah, Im such a nerd


zanz : Hopefully i can complete it, including the go faster stripes down the side.

free_ality :Pimp My BigTrak

After having a good look at my referance pictures the top part was all wrong even the clear wedgy part was tapering in the wrong direction which then caused problems with adding other parts, I junked it and started a fresh .
Have managed to progress a little further.


that looks a lot better, keep it up!

Rock on, I remember those things. Didn’t have one myself but I wanted one bad.
80’s toys were cool.
I still have my Zoids Giant Zrk. Someday I’d like to model that thing, every stinkin’ piece and see if I could animate it.
Keep up the work, looks great.

Really nice renders. What’s ur lght setup like?

The Light setup is a slightly yelow spot light using buffer shadows a lower powered lamp behind the camera, the plane is set to show shadow only, ao 12 samples.

Slowly progressing, Here’s a render of the detail ive added to the top.


wow! looks great… nice detail.

Wow! So much detail! Are you using subdivision with multiple edge loops around the edges to sharpen them or are you just beveling?

It’s subdivision with multiple edge loops around the edges to sharpen them, heres a wire view.


I’ve made a start on the back part , heres my progress.


Awesome! I used to have one of these.

Finally got around to doing some more to this, think it could be ready to try and add some colour to it.


Your work seems magnificent but that was o long ago… did you continue with it, or what, please?

I ask because I have a couple of BigTraks and aim to hack them in two ways.

Most easily, I think the whole concept was flawed. As a toy, BigTrak has a few minutes interest for all but the worst geeks… although as an educatinoal tool, it seems magnificent.

My plan there is to make it radio controllable, which should boost its toy-time lifespan at least to hours…

As toy or teaching tool or design project, does anyone disagree that channelling the drive through the middle wheels was a big mistake? That central drive guarantees that as soon as the thing hits a ramp, it kills its own traction which would not happen with front or rear drive wheels… whether front or back wold be better, I yet have no idea but wouldn’t either be better than having no traction?

Enough of my schemes. Please, did you get further with this project?

are you still active here like the design so far did you ever finish it