Bike Chain Working

Hey guys just been playing got a bike chain working lot of work though im having problems controlling the speed though if i alter in the IPO window the chain becomes out of sync.

youtube link for ani

I made it using

  1. Curve
  2. Empties on follow curve and Ofset
  3. armatures parented to each empty and track to constraint to next empty in sequence
  4. chain link attached to armatures and scaled so link holes match armature ends.

works okay though long way to go.


interesting effect and done in 2.5

can you upload a basic model let say with 2 chain link to show the basic principles use to do this effect

keep up the good work

happy 2.5

Its not 2.5 its just the way i laid the screen out 2.5 is not ready for me yet but here is the blend file

i compressed it to .zip format despite naming it .blend open the .blend file in winrar or winzip to extract or add .zip to end of file name once downloaded to extract. :confused:


chain.blend (472 KB)

trying to understand the process here
which could be applied to other type of chain like thanks tracks ect…

i can see 2 circles in outliner

but how do you start theses

i mean the circles dont’ show any vertices

so can you explain a little bit more how it was done

i mean do you simply add a circle poly type as a path may be ?


well im still learning so ill try and build a little tut.

can’t wait to see this little tut

how is it going ?

Let us know
thanks and happy 2.5

very interesting, i have a tank thread with about 200-300 parts, do you think there would be a “easy” way to animate that?
would be a bit painful to add a empty and armature for every part o_O

i used a curve and dupliframe for the whole thread but only the initial part animates when i scroll through the timeline. any idea if its possible to animate all the dupliframes along the curve?