Bill WIP

My first cg head that is almost finished and is supposed to look realistic.

The ear isn’t finished yet, as it is pretty hard to model (at least to me)
If you have anything to criticise, please reply to this thread.
I could really use some help.
Cheers. :slight_smile:


Nice clean start, but what is it with the nose? :smiley:

Try to start sculpting your head now. There´s still a long way to go for a realistic head. Here is something I´m working on at the moment.

your proportions are still very off. I recommend you get some reference.


Nice start, ErkBlender. But I miss some important landmarks of the underlying skull. It is very obvious that he has no cheekbones. And the jawbone would determine a different shape for his jaw, since it is a male head. His forehead should be a bit more flat above the nose.

Perhaps a workflow of sculpting and retopology would get you faster to a realistic result, once you’ve learned the techniques. I went this way myself from boxmodelling to sculpting and comparing both ways I find it a lot easier to sculpt a head.

Added some hair to the model and rendered it out.

Hope you like it.
Cheers :slight_smile: