Billboard Clouds and Fake volumetrics

I recently learned that Blender 2.5 is capable of volumetric rendering, however I’m fairly new to 2.5 so I tend to use 2.49 alot. I’ve played around with the volume rendering, but have had very little success as of yet. So I decided to work with clouds in 2.49, using billboards.

Using a script called “Alan’s Cloud Generator” I was able to create a cloud of billboards that will always face the camera. I followed Andrew Price’s tutorial on making volumetric clouds in 2.5, but couldn’t get what I wanted, so I just made the shape and used it to make the cloud’s point in the generator.

Once I had the billboards made, I did some texturing and editing of my own, set up some compositing, and added a displacement modifier to shape my billboards to make them more puffy. Then I randomly selected and resized a few of the billboards.