Billboard Grass texture site

Hey guys. I’ve come to the realisation that billboard grass is the way to go. Particle grass is ok, but it looks too much like fur and is unrealistic.
So I’ve been playing around with billboard grass textures and got some decent results, but the problem is that I cant find any decent billboard grass textures. Few are good and those that are are very low-res
So does anyone know where I can get some decent grass textures?

Your request is not uncommon:,,

Are you after single blades or groups/bunches of grass?

Bunches is best for a huge field of grass. One of those links is 404 and another I have already seen and is not helpful at all. The last one is the CGT one and would be helpful if I was a max user,but since this is a blender forum I think that it is innapropriate.
Trust me, I googled for like an hour before posting here.

So I’m still looking. Thanks for trying to help though

I don’t think there is much out there. Maybe you’ll have to wait for ‘The Nature Academy’ ; there’s good looking grass there.

Good luck though.

Here in Ohio, it is spring and grass is growing fine. Just take an orange piece of paper out into your yard. Place it behind some grass and take a picture. Remove the orange (or any color but green) in Photoshop and you have your own grass.

The photo below displays a bit “crunchy” on this forum, but the alpha is actually fine when you render.


You may not want to imply that’s your texture:

Nice grass Atom. And, also when working from photo use Remove Noise function. That will remove most of those white specks from the image.

Like I said, not his.

haha, fail of note

but the theory is good… only i dont have right kind of grass anywhere near me and a big enough piece of coloured paper

Can’t you make your own ? Model a few stems of grass and render them, then make a billboard. You coulda’ had it done by now… :smiley:

Well that would0’nt be very realistic now would it


I guess you would rather wait for someone to do it for you…