Billie Eilish



Excellent modelling, I like it a lot.
Not sure about the eyes though. Billie Eilish has a very peculiar “bitch face stare”, which your model does not seem to capture. The artwork on the other hand, does capture the essence of her stare.
I’d tweak the shape of her eyes.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Yep! You are right! The artist caught her face better than me. Look at Wellington Phelippe portfolio in Artstation. He is an amazing artist.

I like this. I love the stylization. Yeah, I guess what that guy above said about the facial expression, but I think the drawing captures it very well there is just a slight bit lost in translation to the render. slightly adjusting the head tilt and eyebrows in the render could help recapture that.

But what is honestly really really throwing me off is how straight that “thigh gap” is. I could use it as a straight edge to measure and draw things it is so straight. Maybe just breaking that silhouette up ever-so-slightly could make it feel much more organic. Also, and maybe this is being extra pedantic… but I don’t think Billie Eilish is super skinny and she doesn’t like to show off her body (thus the baggy clothes)… so in a way you are losing a little bit of her personality by giving her tight pants and skinny legs. I don’t know that I would say “give her sweatpants”, but perhaps a little bit of weight. Going back to the drawing, her face is a little bit wider, and I think that little bit of extra wideness/weight really does a lot in capturing “her” that is lost a little bit in the final render.

That’s all. It’s great, and I really don’t have room to critique. But I think you could enliven it and capture more of “Billie” with those changes.

If it wasn’t named Billie Eilish then it would look good. However It looks nothing like Billie Eilish. I think you need another hour or so to get the look right in her face.

Yeah, you are completely right about everything. And, believe me, I was the first guy figuring this mistakes while I was rendering.

But was my decision to no try fix the sculpt. Instead of this, I prefer to keep my work and mistakes as a lesson, and also give the right credits to the concept artist. That guy really caught in draw the spirit of Billie Eilish. I just tryed to mimitize him, and I learnd a lot doing this.

Again, thank you very much for all your feedback.

I think this one has even a more expresivve stair. It is a bit different from the reference. Looks also nice i think

Total aside, but when I see a picture of Billie Eilish, I immediately think of those girls who sat in the very back of the room in art class chewing on their toenails.