Billy the kid official trailer 2022

Hi there.
Here our trailer Billy the kid is finished.
I wanted to show you the official video.

Here the link on our Youtube channel:

Official trailer 2022

We would like to thank for this collaboration: Antonio Mancin, Enrico Lui, Riccardo Giovanetti, Francesco Saviano, Arturo Lozzi, Michele Zampieri.

We are working on the pilot episode.
If someone wants to collaborate with us, they can write to us on:

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Hi. The trailer is very impressive! I have just one feedback (it its not too late already), please change the skin texture/shader for the humans. There are several blender skin shader examples available that are pretty good, you can try those.
Everything else is amazing!

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Thanks. The style we have chosen is halfway between cartoon and realistic.

We had several difficulties with the composition of the procedural skin shader, especially in some shots with particular lighting. We will try to improve this aspect.
If you have any procedural skin shaders to point out, please let us know.


You can check these out:


Thank you! I will check.
Have. anice day