Billy the kid trailer

Hi there.
Billy The Kid is a 3D trailer for short episodes. We started designing the Storyboard at november 2018.
Our idea is not to revive the real life of the famous “BillyTheKid”, but to develop a new story.

Billy is just a cowherd. After the murder of his wife, he leaves for the “Red Lands” in search of two killers: The “Storm brothers”.
During the trip he will be helped by a native American named “Hawken Eye” and a corrupt Sheriff.
Will Billy get revenge for his wife?

I have to thank Francesco Di Buono for the rig and Michele Zampieri as Director.
So, for the voices: Enrico Angarano, Marina Perini, Michele Zampieri.
Here the trailer:


After showing the project at the BConf2019, we thought of developing a web series, divided into episodes.
We initially wanted to create a short film of about 30 minutes. However, we had not yet counted on the expenditure of energy that a short film could require.
So we started creating the first Props for the town of REDLANDS, where the scenes would then develop further.

Here are some of the houses you will find in the short film:

We opted to knock down a Storyboard for 3 minutes Trailer and subsequently integrate it with a project of an animated series divided into episodes, which will be visible on our official Youtube channel.

We are working to present some scenes for the Italian Blender Conference. After, we will present the new series at the Blender conference Amsterdam.


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