Billymunchers sketchbook

hello I saw that alot of people were up loading there sketchbooks so I deemed it necisary for me to also :smiley:
I try to mostly sketch from my head usualy the ones that are really realistic are the ones I sketched from a ref.
Ive been sketching alot lately so give me some feed back.
Ill upload some older sketches later.
:(-stop licking me!!!)
I used to use pencil a lot but pen is better for line development in my opinion.


a new one I did


Try to organize yourself a little bit! Use pencils for drawing the base sketch and can use pen or other tools for final work! Or do it with pencils all the way!

I use pen too!

I was going for the whole cologe look

I konw , it is better to get them like a little miniatures of an full drawing :wink: so you can use some for inspiration in future.

I have some like this along my table… :))) good for mind map :smiley: