Bind mesh to armature in Pose mode

I have a question if there is a way to bind/parent a mesh to armature in pose mode?
In the moment i have a jacket mesh which is already sculpted in pose mode.
If i bind the jacket to the armature in pose mode with automatic weights it doesn’t work,
because i think blender uses the rest pose even if pose mode is active during binding.
Thanks for help in advance!

you could change the vest shape so that it fits the rest pose, in Sculpt mode there’s a brush called Pose Brush:

I have not only this parts but also a lot more ( whole outfit) modeled in a pose and i would need to do this for all pieces (not seeable on the screenshot). Was hope to find a way to bind the mesh rough to the armature and bring it to A-pose and then fine tuning if there are some problems.
But i definitely will try your suggestion anyway thanks!

If you have a lot, and an armature that’s not too complicated and you understand how it works, you may find it easier to set up a “translation” armature.

Duplicate the armature. Give each deforming bone a “copy transforms” constraint, world->world, targeting its counterpart in the original armature, preferably with a control to set the influence of all to 0, all at once; set influences to 0 to start with. Pose the duplicate, then ctrl-a apply pose as rest pose. Autoweight the parts appropriate to that part. Set the influence of copy transform constraints to 1. Apply the armature modifier on the mesh. Parent mesh to original armature (with just “armature deform”, not autoweights.)

Wouldn’t be a bad thing to script up if you’re into that.

Thank you very much for the help!
I will try to do this, once i have a bit more time after project. For the moment i just reposed all meshes even if it’s not very clean.
I can remember from 3ds max it was possible to skin meshes on biped even in posing mode by clicking a checkbox. Seems like in blender there is not easy way to do this in the moment. But it’s more a corner case. I had just to work my default way with modelling everything in A-pose.
A script would be great, but unfortunately i absolutely can’t programming/scripting.
Thank you anyway for taking time and write a sollution, i will give it a try once i finished my project.

That reminds me of something I used to do, that’s a bit easier, is to just pose a model to fit the clothes, surface deform the clothes from the model, reset the pose, apply the surface deform.

It takes a bit of comfort with a surface deform, and there are plenty of places where it’s not going to work well, but it’s sure easy.


That’s exactly what was needed in my case!
I was not thinking about using another modifier. But this was exact the solution i think works best, especially if having already rigged base model under the clothes ! I will use this method for my later projects…
Thank you very much!

Created a brand new account just to say THANK YOU! been using blender for a bit less than a year and until now i was sculpting my clothes to fit the models ( Oof! ), tried other things before like Posing > Applying Pose > Data Transfer, but since it is not possible to apply modifiers with shape keys it was pointless to me, and transfering the shape keys using an copied mesh would break then.

So again THANK YOU! you saved me a lot of time here, now i can go back and use clothes that i could not before but wanted to.