Binding Blade Sword

This is my 2nd sword model I’ve modeled so far and my first 3D artwork of 2019! I feel like this is one of my best works by far

Here’s the ArtStation post:
I can only post one image since this website only allows new users to put up one image.

This sword model is my realistic take off of Roy’s Binding Blade Sword from the Fire Emblem series.
I plan to do more of these weapon like models!! :slight_smile: They’re really fun!
Please make any critics/criticisms ~ I would love to improve!


which texturing platform did u use

The gold texture of the sword’s profile and the green rubber handle were thanks to Poliigon, but unlike the green rubber, the gold texture was tweaked a bit.
Wear and tear such as the worn rusted metal edges of the profile were texture painted, and the diffuse & roughness map was tweaked in photoshop to give the gold texture more of a rusted-dirty look.

The sword’s metal blade was procedurally done.
The bigger scratches/dents were sculpted and baked and a normal map (sculpted & baked in Blender).

The blue parts of the sword’s profile, the red gem in the middle, and the ring that surrounds the gem were just simply created materials.

Don’t have any texturing softwares like the substance series softwares, I tried my best to do as much as I could within the internal Blender software

nice work !!!

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thank you very much!! :grin:

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Hey Joshua!

Thanks for sharing here. I’ve bumped your user level so you can now add more images.

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Thanks Bart! :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Bart! This means a lot! Not even a professional 3D artist yet, but one day I’ll get there! Thanks :smile:

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