Binding on the 2.0 guide: Has my warrenty expired?

(rwv01) #1

I’ve had the Blender 2.0 guide for some time now and it’s helped me to better understand the features in the 2.0 series. It was also a great way to give a little something back for all the software the NaN folks had let me download at no charge.

I like the guide book but I do have one issue with it.
The pages keep falling out!
48 pages so far.

Does anyone elses do this?

(Goofster) #2

yeah, it’s a common problem with the 2.0 Guide. I just ripped out all the pages and put them in a binder.


(Jamesk) #3

I thought mine would make it, but it fell apart too a couple of weeks ago…

(sten) #4

same here…but this isn’t a off topic problem…I have even addressed it to Ton in the Blender Foundation Forum, and He replied and said it was indeed bad quality when they printed the book, look in this thread(post):


(rwv01) #5

Hmmm… maybe I’ll do that!