Bio-lab (environment WIP)

Current progress:

Started working on a sci-fi lab/dungeon environment. Here’s the past couple of days’ work:

Modeling todo still:

-Sculpt more creatures/bits to go in the tanks
-Computer consoles need to be more sexy
-Lots of stuff needs more greebles/doodads

Cool modelling, I actually like the sterile matte render. What style of materials / lighting are you considering?

I haven’t decided on an exact color scheme (need to play with that once I get to texturing) but lighting/mats will be something along these lines:

It’s looking very spooky already. That’s nice work.

Really like the look of this scene, even without textures. Just curious, how did you go about modeling that grated floor?

Very, very cool. But… what is that operating table for in the first picture? It has legs spread out but nothing for arms? Definitely looks sinister. I like the operating lamp above it, too.

This is looking pretty awesome man. No crits to give atm can’t wait to see more of it done.

As it happens, I made a tutorial! (you can see part of the lab shell in the example render I use at the beginning):

tl;dr: Made a single tile, grate was built with the honeycomb primitive (extra objects addon). Then I used duplifaces to copy it across the floor.

As it happens, I made a tutorial!

Great… I’ll be sure to take a look at it tomorrow

Great work on this piece, excited to see how far you push it :slight_smile:
awesome tutorial as well.

~Tung ô¿ô


Computer consoles are mostly in place now, chair now has sculpted pads with split seams and stitching (stitching is kind hard to see here, the shader will have more color contrast from the pad in the final version), greebling and buttons added to various things, base-units added to tanks beneath floor, more cables beneath the floor, floor grate is thinner to show under-floor-stuff better (I’ll probably add tron lights to those things so they’re more visible), doodads added to walls, and some other stuff I’m probably forgetting.

Another great update and these details continue to make it a great project. BTW I really enjoyed watching your floor grate tutorial. Thanks again for posting it.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what your going to do once textures are added. Just wondering do the tubes contain fluid or what will be happening inside of those?

Looks like an absolutely scary place to be, can’t wait to see the final render. That strap down bed looks intimidating…

Modeling is just about wrapped up. Looking to start UV-ing crap and texturing over the weekend.

Here’s a quick color paintover, just playing with ideas atm:

Texturing in progress…

Noisy lighting/reflections test render before I head out to the Blender meetup:


I decided at the last minute to add some ceiling cladding, so pardon the temporary dark diffuse shader on it, it will be more metallic in the final version. Other than that, the main thing I still want to do is add a plume or smoke or two coming up through the floor, probably at the bottom right where the image is mostly empty space.

Still debating whether I have too much fill light, or not enough. I keep worrying I’m slipping back into the trap of too-dark-renders, but then I look at it full size and think there’s too little shadow and contrast. Maybe that’s a sign i have it right. :eek:

Also, I’ve tried mixing in more purple colors to break up the teal-blue monotony. How do people like it?

More texturing: