Bio-lab environment

A sci-fi lab/dungeon environment, inspired by a recent replaying of Metroid Prime (still one of the best games of all time, IMO).

Alt angle:

Thanks for viewing!

Man this came out exceptional, lots of great details, I think you caught a sweet spot with the lighting you ultimately ended up using. Well done all the around on this project.

Great detail. I like how the lighting and compositing actually plays a role in telling mood and story. I just think the foot and the hand are a little bit…bland

Yeah, at the time I made those I was thinking they wouldn’t be quite so obvious for what they were in the finished product. They were intended as more a background thing you only notice looking close. Somewhere along the line that got scrapped, but it never occurred to me to use a better organic-debris model. I probably should’ve been less lazy and sculpted that school of piranha-things…

love the lighting and ambience and so goes for the details, though those thingys inside the forcefield scifi-petri dish thingamajigs look a lil bit weird… but hey love the composition and all!! cheers

It is weird to think that places like these can exist hidden in the world. It is a good job.

nice ambiance / environment . I think it would greatly add to the feeling if those pods had some illuminance.

it is like in game. to make it film scene, make akcent on one part and fade to dark in deep. Intimate image

Luxrender? or cycles?

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand?

Cycles, I’m not doing a whole lot with Lux these days. I find Cycles fits my needs a lot better. To answer any other render questions people might have, the first image took about 8hrs to render, the bottom image about 4hrs, on a quad-core i7. Render settings:

Brilliant scene.
nikitron is right about it looking like a part of a game:
for a film or a glossy print you have to much ambient light and not enough hard-surface-reflections
you should add a filter to darken the outer parts and maybe blur them too

But if it turns out to become a game, I should be the first to ask for a copy :wink: