Biomechanical monster

I’ve been working on a Panzer Dragoon fanart (It’s a video game series).
It’s not very impressive, it took me a few hours. For fun :slight_smile: I just thought I would share:

The original design can be found here.


Looks great, except perhaps too uniform a color? And it looks a bit skin colored relative to the other. Wonderful materials/modeling, though.

Ah, I forgot to mention, I didn’t try to reproduce the texture of the concept sketch. I went for a bone texture because lot of creatures in the games are made of that matter. And I like it better.
Thanks for your comment anyway :slight_smile:

It looks like those creatures in star wars. (Sorry, not a huge star wars fan, tho I like the original 3 movies) :slight_smile:

What was that thing anyway? Nice bumps, though.

That’s exactly what most of my time playing Panzer Dragoon Orta is spent thinking, so in that sense he’s nailed it.

The overall vibe here: good, but it doesn’t have that ultimate level of detail that is also a characteristic of the style, although doing that would take absolutely ages.

nice modelling, but the skin texture reminds me a bit of a thick-crusted bread loaf (you can tell that dinner’s late here!).

weeeird, but very cool. wheres the scene? :smiley: