Bionic hand

(Kobold) #1

my Forum Challenge #798 (theme bionic) asset… made in Blender (of course) and textured in Substance Painter:

edit: Reason for uploading this as separate topic is simply the fact that the challenge entry render didn’t show all of the detail on the model…

(alf0) #2

nice work ,!!!

(ChameleonScales) #3

What do the “Push first” pieces do?

(Kobold) #4

Those are motor housing covers. The idea behind them is, that when you want to service or exchange the component inside the housing you have to push the lid in and then unscrew them… it’s a safety mechanism in order to prevent them to open by accidentally hitting something. That is at least what I have had in mind when designing it, haha : )

(ChameleonScales) #5

Oh, right, like a bottle containing some hazardous liquid. But those pieces are not just cylinders, so how would you unscrew them?

(Kobold) #6

Good eye @ChameleonScales ! I have had the Thumb-Screw mechanism of my HP Server in mind. What happens there is that when you want to remove the PCI Riser Cage you have to push the thumb screw in very slightly and a spring mechanism with a plastic pin then releases the head (in my case the motor covers) and pops up/out quite a bit so that you can actually start turning the head. Thank you for checking it out.

(ChameleonScales) #7

I didn’t really get it but anyway, if you say it would work it’s cool.

(Kobold) #8

I couldn’t find a video example … but a schematic which illustrates the mechanism which I was chatting about:

(ChameleonScales) #9

Thanks for taking the time to explain. This seems more plausible than the mechanism of your bionic hand though, since the shape of the knob allows it to rotate without being blocked

(Kobold) #10

…maybe this looks more believable? …

edit: I should probably go and explain what happens here

  1. @0:00 The Motor Housing Cap sits a 3/8" away from the finger-drive shaft collar and is being pushed against it until form-fit. A spring inside recoils (and that takes a fraction of a second until it releases a pin which previously has locked the Cap’s threat in place… imagine a small rim along the inside of the threat’s ending edge).
  2. @0:01 The Motor Housing Cap springs back until it reaches enough clearance to rotate into either direction (at this point you can decide wether to push it back in or turn it into the arrows direction , as indicated on the cap).
  3. @0:02 the cap is being rotated Clockwise to be released from the Motor Housing and then obviously pulled away.

The caps all sit 3/8" away from the finger drive shaft collar and are not rotatable

(ChameleonScales) #11

To me a threat is a menace and no dictionary or wiki page that I found suggests anything else