Bionic Microcosm

Testing DOF project is complete.:cool:

it looks nice… though i have no idea what it is…

amazing:eek: really looks like it’s viewed through a microscope! How did you do it?

Excellent! I really love this one! It’s unique and beautiful! Great composition and use of color as well! 5 stars from me :yes:

So very nifty.

Crystal clear, five stars, no crits.

wow that’s super awesome cool! but the bokeh looks too smooth imo… eg when you take a look at this picture you see the bokeh is more distorted… (though i have no idea how you could achieve that in blender)

How can you make such a Bokeh?

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:
I rendered it at 2xHD so that the artifacts from the DOF node were subdued nicely.

That looks pretty cool, May be able to get that effect by using hexagon on the DoF node and using the dilate/erode node to get that subtle touch.


When I first felt the pain, I knew I had made a mistake. I shouldn’t have let them. Dammit, why did I believe them? A cure they said. The “Nanos” would fix everything. It was all the rage. All they have to do, they said, is to inject these tiny microscopic bionic robots into my veins, and they would go to work. Well, the pain in my gut told me they were doing more than work. It felt like a dam war was going on, and I was the battlefield.

“Hey Doc!” I screamed, “What the heck is going on?” A sharp stab of pain made me double over. I screamed again, this time in agony. Clutching onto a table I staggered. Stupid table was wobbly, and it and I fell over in a tumble. Somebody stupid put something stupid made of glass on that stupid table, right where they knew I would knock it over, and crash now the floor was covered with stupid shards of glass. stupid stupid stupid. How could I have been so stupid? Now my guts were being ripped apart into little pieces by these nanos. I stared at the shards of glass on the floor, and it felt like they were inside me, cutting me up.

An orderly raced over to my side to help me up. I didn’t want to get up. I wanted it to be over. I was fetal now, writhing in pain.

“This isn’t supposed to happen” the doc said.

“No kidding, doc” I uttered through gritted teeth.

“The B25-A Nanos are completely infectious-centric.” the doc said in a nice, calm, reassuring tone, I guess he was talking to the orderly, 'cause he sure wasn’t reassuring me.

I felt the orderly’s arms tighten. He stopped lifting me. “Doc, did you say B25-A?” the orderly said.

“Yes, of course.” the doc replied.

“Oh no” the orderly said. “His chart says he got the B52’s.”

Everything seemed to stop. The doc, the orderly, everyone that was now pouring into my room. They all…just…stopped. Something superseded the pain. An even bigger emotion: fear. I smelled it, I sensed it. Everybody was afraid.

What the heck were they afraid of?

render time please?
(btw five stars :wink: )

30 minutes

Love it great job.