Bionicle Maxilos

well, this is my next big project.

I’m not going to model Spinax(the dog-like guy) I’m only focusing on Maxilos.

So far, this is what i have:

Its all hand modeled, no importing pieces from programs like Lego digital designer(LDD)

Man, I have a long road ahead here. xD Oh, well. its a nice challenge right?

Great start, all I would do is use smooth shading on the smooth parts (such as the end ball sockets)

hah interesting :slight_smile: are you going to make an animation too?

yep, planing on using it for animation.
latest progress:

'ere’s some more progress:

I’m actually starting to be able to use pieces I’ve already modeled.

another update:

straying from the instructions a little here. Trying to make him looks like he’s not just a bunch of hallow armor.

almost done! :smiley: