Bionicle no.3 (no name yet)

This is my third Bionicle model. I’m still not all that happy with the way that the gun in his hand doesn’t show up, but I think that is just the pose.

Tell me if you think of a good name! :slight_smile:

Pretty cool! If you put some textures on it, it would be awesome!

I think it’s a combination of the light level being low (and the gun being a dark gray), and the position of the gun that draws a straight line along the “crotch” of the robot. Tilting it down or up would probably help, in addition to making it a lighter gray, and upping the lighting present in the scene for a bit more contrast (at least on the darker colors). Nice work, though! I liked the Lego figures, and yours looks pretty close to a 3D version of them.

Toa Ambra? (though the head makes me unsure if it’s toa)
also try edge split with smooth shading, lose the rectangles

good ideas guys! :slight_smile: I’ll work on it.

Wow, cool. I’m that there are still some bionicle fans left :slight_smile:

OH! My childhood comes back, haha good! But don’t remember that you have to add some bevel or round edges. Sharp edges are only on surgical knifes