Biped Modeling Rigging, mostly dinosaurs

I’m looking for help with modeling and rigging characters. A brief has been prepared and made available at Dropbox. The PDF filecontains explanations of current needs. Please evaluate the brief in terms of labor cost. I have a client that is producing and funding this project. It is necessary that I present accurate, itemized labor costs for approval. After evaluating the brief, please submit responses that include your itemized labor costs for both modeling and rigging. A general time line will also be appreciated. I understand that you may have important questions. I will respond as best I can.

The characters range from 1 male human to dinosaurs and birds. Except for 1 flying bird all are specifically bipedal. The poly count for all items is medium to low. Texture painting is currently planned on being done in-house. Additional services may be desired regarding application of textures to the models.

Please respond to this thread or to animatedlane at gmail dot com.

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I have shared my portfolio in an PM please take a look.

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