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broken link.

can i see a picture, please m8?

go to the link in my signature
or this to go directly to the pic. LOOK AT THE REST OF MY ALBUM WHILE THERE.

Great model and texture but for my opinion the plane could be a bit more shiny and I think OSA was turned off. For better results, go to F10 and set OSA on.

Very nice so far, perhaps a clouded scene with rotating mblur propellors?

light up the scene :-?

thanks guys ill have an updated render by the end of the day. OSA was on but not high ill set it to 16 and ill turn up specularity

the plane is the best one :slight_smile:
even though the scne is a bit dark.

and better use the “ANIM” button (F10) with start:1 - end:1 to create an image rather than using F12 and making a screenshot of the desktop :slight_smile:

It is looking good! But, like what has been said, it is too dark.

What do you mean? If you hit F12 and then F3 you can save the rendered image as an… ummm… image. You just specify the format.


lol :o
i didnt know that :expressionless:

but i still prefer using the anim button because i dont have to care about saving it

by the end of today ill have a brighter and better scene check in later

Not bad at all , the plane I mean… the rest I didn’t check …but I truly hate black backgrounds…


Looks like a wooden model as I see it, but it’s a nice plane.

ok guys that update i promised will be delayed Kansas_15 gave me a brilliant idea

Looks like a wooden model as I see it, but it’s a nice plane.