Bird & prey

More fun with blender hair wink
The base shape of the bird was sculpted in zbrush.
The bird feathers where made with blender hair.
The clumping curve gave me the possibility to shape the hairstrands in a feathery way,
and the result is this colourful piece.
I used Danny Mac Eye Designer and Graswald for the moss.
The leaf-model i got from


Haha, this is so great! I love the colors. The textures on the branch are amazing as well.

I’m not yet farmiliar with hair systems, so I’m really interested in how this was done. It looks really great! How did you make the gradual transition in hair length from the body to the cheeks?

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beautiful work !!!

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Very nice! Love the colors and cute design!

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to achieve the gradual transition i used the Hair Info Node (Intercept) with a colour ramp for the mix factor.
If you got futher questions i could also post a picture of my hairshader-tree. :wink:

That is so awesome… I had totally different expectations, and you flipped that upside down. Well done. And the work, its so cute and colourful. Again Well done.

Eager to see more of your work

Nice work. The way you got the hair to clump is just perfect. Great little character.

Yeah, I’d love to see it!

here is my shadertree!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Super nice! Reminds me of this one from by Pieriko; The Bird - blend file included

I tried this using an external render engine i use with Blender

PS could you give some feedback on the clamping curve you used?


thx, and yes i know the artwork of Pierko. I stumbled accross it a couple years ago, so it definitely had some influence on this piece of work, but i havn’t checkt out the .blend file yet.
Which render did you use, as im currently testing blender for production.Cycles is great and i love to work with it, but it still is a bit slow in comparrison to other renderers i’ve been working with. Especially when it comes to transparent materials and glass (also hair). Have you got any suggestions for me.

here is a sceenshot of my hair and clumping setting. The hair of the head and body are seperate particle-systems, but the settings are the same. I hope this is information assists you :wink:


I like this colour and very nice design.

Cool! Thanks for the info
Wow the resemblance is there, quite bizar you have almost identical bird :slight_smile:

Im using Thea Render, its currently at v2 but for Blender im using v1.5. That is the one im sort updating for Blender all the time. Its a Hybrid render, so you can do CPU and GPU. It can render lots of blender items, but not all. Everything needs to export so big scenes or scenes with really high hair numbers are a bit slower to start. But once all has been exported, you can reuse the exported mesh but still do updates on materials and such. The engine doesnt use nodes however, it uses a method with looks a bit like the principle shader. But its way easier i, at least i think so.

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Did this take an overnight render? I can see the hair transparency working on this one so I´d guess Cycles’ hair. What is your machine specs ? (ram, processor, card?) thanks! Amazing piece! Love the compositing.

Nice, fantastic work! Great design and execution!

And also very cool idea using hair for feathers.

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I love this!the expression is priceless.good job capturing that.
top notch texturing,hair,and feathers are beautiful.

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This is not rendered with Cycles. This is rendered with Thea Render and an addon for Blender which i sort of maintain