Bisect CLEAR INNER / OUTER missing from version 2.79?


I’m using Blender 2.79 and the manual says the Bisect tool has a CLEAR INNER / CLEAR OUTER option but its missing!
Pressing F6 brings up the options but it’s missing the above?

Can someone please help?
Many thanks

It’s not missing for me

This is weird!
All i did was download 2.79 and that’s it, i made no changes to preferences.

Here’s a screen grab with the Bisect tool options and you can see it is version 2.79, maybe someone could compare :

Really need to use the CLEAR INNER option, can anyone help make the option visible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Look more closely perhaps

Oh god, now that is embarrassing :o .
How on earth did i miss those!

I’m honestly sitting here with two PC’s open, on one i’m designing a case for a product and on the other i’m programming a powerful microcontroller in C code for the product as well.
On top of that i have a big headache and i need new glasses as they are not focusing :eek:, lol!

Thanks JA12, i’m not normally this thick, it’s just been one of those days!