Bisector scaling

Hi guys,

I’m fairly new here but since I just started development on a 3D game I have a feeling I’ll be there more than once in the coming months :wink: While not new to 3D modelling, it’s been about 8 years since the last time I seriously did this (and I was 16, inexperienced and didn’t even get into sculpting and texturing, only UV-wrapping and texture edit)

So, I think this question has already been asked BUT I can’t wrap my head around any word that could define what I’m looking for, and I’ve been trying for the last hour to find the information I need without any success.

So here is what I have, a standard shotgun grip outline :

But of course when I extrude then scale it I get that :

Which is obviously wrong for the armature, it won’t get me anywhere near what I need for this. So my question is, how do I scale it so that vertex move along the inward bisector of the 2 neighbour edges?

If I’m not being clear please do tell me since I really have a hard ime putting words on what I’m trying to achieve and it took 15 minutes just to phrase that last sentence correctly.

Thanks in advance everyone :wink:


Gosh I tried using the inset but without making a face prior to this xD Well thanks so much, that worked like a charm !

Well while I’m at it, this may be useful, but is there any way to move a vertex along said bisector without insetting like that then sliding? Like if I needed to move a single vertex like that.