bishop chess piece help!!

Hi, this is my first post, and im sort of a noob to blender, so go easy on me…
i’m making a basic chess piece set (based on actual ones i have) and i ran into a problem when doing the bishop. it has a cut out on the top which i make my using the boolean difference operation on the bishop mesh and a rectangle. (render 1)

but i want the bishop to be smooth, but when i press the “set smooth” button it has imperfections around the cut out. (render 2), and can be seen in the actual render.

i want to get rid of this but can’t figure out how. also mabe what i did isn’t the best way to make a cut out?

ps. i have no idea how people put thumnails of pics on this forum so i just attached mine.

thx to all replies in advance, any help will be appreciated.



If you select the vertices that are at diagonal corners, make an edge (F) and Set the weight to 1.0 so that subsurf does not bend there.

i applied subsurf just before i did the cut-out otherwise the results are worse.
now the bishop is just a mesh with no modifier.

im not sure i understand, you mean select the verticies around the cut out? also where can i set the weight?

yes. make an edge along the diagonal. The weight is in the Properties panel in edit mode. You can also i think select all edges at once and (shift-E?) and move the mouse to increase/decrease the weight.

You should view Greybeard’s classic Bathtub and Bishop video tutorial. A really clean bishop!

ok, greybeards way is good, but i still wanna see if i can do it my way. the problem with Papa smurf’s way is that my mesh deosn’t have the subsruf modifier ( as in i clicked the “apply” button) i tried not clicking teh button and then intersecting the shapes but teh results were horrible.

Another way that worths trying is to select all faces inside the cutout and set them solid as opposed to the rest of the model.

Not so sure that could help but…you can post your blend file here for inspection?

ok, here’s my blend files.
here i have my bishop, with a box in the top, not yet intersected. what i did to intersect them was separate the bishop into 3 objects (the top pimple thing, head where the notch goes and then the rest of the body) otherwise i get a stack overflow when i do the boolean operation. then i applied the subsurf modifier, and hit “w” ==> difference with the box then bishop head selected. as you can see if teh result is in solid mode it’s perfect and i love it. but when i go setsmooth, it gets wierd around the notch…

Sorry for all the info, but i just want you all to know the steps to recreate the scenario…
im gonna include two files, 1 being the bishop and box before the boolean, and the second one after the notch is made.

hugh??!! it said my blend file is invalid when i tried to upload it!!.

Here I made a little demo how to manage boolean for rendering;9645558;/fileinfo.html

You can preview or download higher quality video of the demo :slight_smile:

thanks syziph! worked perfectly, renderer has crisp edges! ur the best!!!

You’re wellcome!