Bit new to game engine

I’ve been fiddling with Blender for a while, but haven’t been able to figure out much of Game Engine. I’ve figuredd out the logic bricks, but I;m still sort of confused, what with the limited tutorials.

I’ve managed to somewhat be able to control a box (make it shoot left when I hit left arrow key, etc), but could anyone kindly point out to me how I’d make it deaccel when I’m not holding down the key, and accel when I press it? Thanks.

The physics should take care of all of that.

Try increasing the damping of the object to like .7 or .9 even. :wink: It’ll definitely decelerate then.

:smiley: Lol, I’m just going to point many of you guys to this document. It really covers everything nicely. Gives you the good basics then you can better understand the tutorials out there that might use these logic bricks or python code.

Hope this helps.

Jason Lin

Thanks very much.

I’ll post any more questions qhen I have 'em.

Hmm two problems I’m having.

I’m making my cube go from left to right, via left and right arrows, and jumping with shift, but when I try to make it onyl jump with 'm pressing shift and touching the ground, nothing happens!

And second, I’m I’m jumping then move to the left, it stops my jump movement and moves around left or right without descending.

  1. Did you use the collision sensor?

collision(prop:ground)->AND->Motion(some motion upwards)

Note: If you’re detecting by property make sure the object you use as ground, has the right property.

  1. Hmm… damping won’t be right then if you want it to jump as well. It’ll slow it down when you’re moving left or right, and it’ll also slow it down when you’re moving up and down, so you see the tradeoff there.
  • Another thing to look at is at the document link I showed you. Personally I haven’t played too much with the dyn settings found in materials. But you can somehow tweak the friction to fit your needs for deceleration between object and ground and also have a right speed for falling.
  • Your damping might be affecting the movement down. So it is falling down, just at a slower pace. It should still be moving down however. Make sure in world settings (F8) that gravity is 9.8. The other reason why it may not be falling is because you’re in a different axis.
    Note: Gravity applies only in the Z axis direction. So make sure you set it up that way.

Jason Lin

I tried both the Collision and Touch sensor, neither worked. When I add them, it just won’t jump :confused:

And I went into Ortho view, and watch as i went left/right in midair, and it still does descend, just less so.

Ok, I’ve made a simple engine, works fine with Sumo physics, screws up with Bullet. As in, it won’t move.

Also, I want to be able to have Bullet physics for other objects in this glorified engine test, but not have my little cube be rolling around and whatnot. How would this be accomplished?

What version are you using and are you using the bullet physics engine? In bullet, the collision sensor doesn’t work, so it would make sense why you can’t jump.

:wink: To save you the trouble I rigged up an example with jumping and motion left right. Not too sure what problems could have been encountered, but take a look at my .blend. :smiley: If you haven’t already, please go over the GE document I had in the link above. It really thoroughly goes through everything.

Jason Lin