Bite The Bullet

First model and render of the bullet :slight_smile: Took some tips on texturing form the bullet tutorial on blender guru


Nicely done. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there may be too much damage on that bullet. Not sure I’d fire that bullet out of a gun. I’d knock the damage back a bit. Most bullets live in boxes, and then in magazines, and then…Maybe it’s a bullet from a big loose box of ammo. I like the tv screen effect, though I’m not sure how it relates to the bullet.

I suppose yeah, the effect i was going for was a rusted look, as if they hadn’t been used and were made years ago. I might remake the scene, but outside so that it suits it a little better maybe

Just a few more renders, decided i prefered the scene as it was and didn’t change the floor

Dig the normal mapping and texturing, +respect

The bullet seems odd at the end, I think the neck of the shell is a bit too thick. Oh and the projectile looks a bit too stubby.

The case needs to be a little warmer I think, and far less scratched. The scratches are too regular and too many, you can’t see the underlying surface at all. It could very well be rock. I think you should remove most of the scratches going longways, some of the scratches going crossways and make it look a bit more like a brass casing. You might even just be able to leave all the scratches and apply a plain, clean metal texture underneath them to get a nice effect. I like the rendering though, is that internal?

Point taken, i know that they are very scratched, i personally liked them like that though, suppose it’s all preference isn’t it. Thanks for the comments, and yeah it is internal, just heck load of nodes :smiley:

If you want a more realistic looking 5.56 you need to remove alot of those scratches. Shotten the bullet by about 1/16 and the casing by about 1/8th than darken the casing to look almost black and add dents. That is what a 5.56 round sitting outside looks like after about 1 to 2 weeks. They normaly don’t aquire many scratches and the ones they do are supperfical and not that deep. The accual bullet should also be almost compleatly smooth they are a lot thicker and denser than the accual casing and tend to take damage far less. Also around the base of the projectile, where the bullet and the casing meet, there should be little vice grip looking marks from where the round was held my machines while filed and fitted in the casing. Where I marked is where there is a fault in your pattern.

If your going for a different feel other than realistic than good job and ignore me for I am in the U.S military and tend to be very picky about stuff I use reguarly. If not its a good start, but needs some work.