Bitmaps Fonts

Anyone knows where can i get some bitmaps fonts or make them?

FTblender (for 2.49 only I think)
Otherwise there is a website somewhere that lets you upload a ttf font and it will then make it an image for you. I can’t find it at the moment, but it was posted to these forums somewhere.

I have it in my PC. Its an .exe that creates .tga image. (106 KB)

Time ago i tried Ftblender but it didn’t work well.
I will try it again.
@dberube4 the mediafire links are broken.
By the way thanks :smiley:

@mziskandar i downloaded your attachment, i can’t figure out how its works

from the instruction…

C:\FTBlender>ftblender -o yournewimage.tga ppem fixed_01.ttf

yournewimage.tga = your new image
fixed_01.ttf = ttf font files (within the same directory )

then, the white box popup… adjust the size to view - use pgup pgdown… then press F2 to save (as yournewimage.tga). F1 for more instruction.

Does this work with 2.62?

No, you will have to run the script from 2.49 from memory.

Thanks for pointing this out. I updated the link.

hey i found this i hope it works