Black and Gold interior

This has been my favourite project so far.

I finished this a few weeks back but thought i should share it here.

Each render took about 4 hours, but i think my baroque style frames added to the polygon count massively and in hindsight i should have used instancing instead of array modifiers for that.


I hope you enjoy!


Last render from this scene

For sure I enjoy it man !
The only point for me is the strength of the normal map on the wooden floor texture. It’s a bit much. You should try to decrease it a little, and may be also on the walls and the ceiling on the first image.
The lighting is perfect. Can you tell us more about it ?
Thanks !

Just wanted to echo that. The large-scale high texture floors makes it look like a miniature. Could try some tilt-frame macro effects?

The baroque filigree frames are a great touch though.

I like how rich the colors are.

Looking very nice!

Looks very nice! How long did it take to make the room? Also was it hard coming up with the idea for it?
I wonder cause I want to make an interior scene eventually.

Very nice. Apart from the floor issue mentioned in earlier posts I have a comment on the lighting. The daylight seems pretty strong but the little lamps on the artificial lights are still quite strong. It looks confusing to me.

Stunning scene, models and texturing! Only thing which is a but of a bummer is the floor, as other pointed out. Bump is way to strong and perhaps use roughness map for more details

I’m not a fan of archviz but I must say these have some character for sure.
Very very nice. I’m just not super fan of the wooden floor. A bit too bumpy I believe.

WOW. I’m impressed with the realism and the overall look and feel. Always being a fan of black and gold combinations. I agree with rombout about the bump on the floor though.

Nice touch with the sophisticated yet relatable meme on the wall

i have no words to express my impression

These should be on the official site of to show what quality is possible in Blender for Arch Viz. Outstanding!!!

sup i am new here

Congrats, increibly good work :slight_smile:

Very neat, I like the mood and ornaments, great lighting and renders! thanks for sharing!

I want to play Mozart on that harpsichord :yes: