Black and white with additional single color

I’ve seen tutorials for AE, but not for Blender.

I’m after that B&W look that features one single color. Can anyone suggest how to do this?

I’m working in the video editor with a collection of video clips.

In the compositor, the hue correct node, play with the curve to get the color you want

Or use a ramp node with black as base color, or use a color node then mix the image using a multiply from a specific color chanel like red green or blue?

Many ways to get similar results.

Hi. Thanks for your posts. Just got around to trying these. I didn’t get the results I wanted.

I’m trying to pull out red as the color of an object without also pulling out the reds in the skin tones. Is it possible to isolate the areas I want to add red to? I’m getting very confused.

Use the Keyer node to specify a specific hue of red. It will be a challenge to get a key from just the lips and not the skin so you may have to use a mask to hold out the rest of the image.

Amazing. This has pretty much worked… but I haven’t used masks before and when I try, I get this massive offset. I have the node editor in one window and the movie clip editor in another. If I’m building the mask in the movie clip editor, it’s nowhere near the shape or position in the node editor preview. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but my masks are all over the place, even after spending all night going through tutorials.

The source video is probably not the same size as your render or scene dimensions? When you draw a mask on the movie clip editor or UV image editor you draw at the source dimensions. Make sure that the project size and the source size match or use a scale to render node immediately after the input node.


Hahaha, the only reason I know that is… thats exactly what I screwed up when I made this example!

This is what I usually do

Yes but can be hard to isolate a color between similar colors.

Thanks Hype. I spent quite a lot of time playing around with the Hue Correct node, but because I’m trying to isolate red without bringing out skin tones, the result looked either too subtle or too messy. Including masks is what I needed to do.

Alright… so all’s going well and your node setup works like a charm… when the image input is a movie. When I try to do the same thing with an image sequence, it renders as though I have no nodes at all. “Compositing” is enabled in the render panel and nothing is different from my tests with a movie file (which worked). The only thing that is different is that now I’m working with an image sequence.

I’m sure this is something incredibly obvious, but I just can’t seem to see it. Surely you can use nodes on an image sequence?

This is the set up.

Boop… never mind. I unclicked the sequencer box beneath the compositing one in the ‘post-processing’ panel. I didn’t need to do this when I used a movie clip, so I’m not really sure why it’s working… but it’s working.

Sometimes I run the comp scene thru the vse to see some rendered frames as a preview. But it shouldn’t stop you from rendering out of the output node. Double check that it is hooked up and you aren’t just looking at a preview node instead.