Black drone. Hard surface design

This is the artwork for the 25th CG Boost Art Challenge.

Topic: Futuristic Transport.

I started out with the idea of a futuristic vehicle for planet exploration.

So I came up with the concept of a drone, scouting alien environments for signs of life.

In terms of design I gave it a grey/black military look with orange accents. Focusing on the technical parts and the general shape of the drone, I tried to improve my hard surface modeling skills and cope with boolean operations.

The project took me about 2 weeks. My main inspiration came from Brian Sum and Joshua Cotter who focus on hard surface design.

Made in Blender. Rendered in Cycles.

Main Tools:

Blender, Photoshop


Blender built in add-ons. Landscape & node wrangler.

Third party assets:

Textures for Landscape, Kitbash set for smaller details.

Thanks to the CGBoost Team for the challenge!

The project on artstation:








Add two googly eyes and you can submit it to the next challenge: Robot pet. :rofl:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks so much for featuring me!