Black edges on metallic material

I’m doing an interior scene, and when I render a close-up shot of this chrome faucet, the edges where the surface curves away from the camera fade into a completely black reflection, which is weird because I don’t have anything black that would be reflecting back from those edges. Here’s what the closeup looks like:

And here’s the node setup for that material. It’s literally just a Principled BSDF with the metallic set to 1.0, and the roughness set to 0.075:

And finally, for reference, here’s the wide-angle shot of my entire scene:

I think so we can analyze it if you upload your project.

I think so roughness is too low for it too be chromium.

Without the file, it’s difficult to say what are the possible issues here… But i would say that your mesh has a big difference between geometry normals and shading normals.
This black artifacts are quite normal to happen, when the reflection direction goes under the geometry surface; and this happens because the angle between the normal vector and the surface is less than the angle between the normal and the incoming vector.

You can fix this by addin more loops to your mesh; for example adding a few more segments to the bevel, might remove these artifacts completly.

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Thanks for the insight. I went back into my mesh to see what the actual topology was doing, and I can’t believe I missed this, but I didn’t have a bevel or subsurf modifier on the object; it was just square corners set to shade smooth. After I added my subsurf modifier, it took care of the issue. Thanks for the help!