Black Hole + .exe


I’m a programmer c# for 5 years, and i make a 3d with Blender, humm i try lol.
I scearch modelisator and level designer for this game.

It’s my 3rd game Sci fi project.

3 characters :


Miss. Lyna


Actually finish:

_ Game characters.
_Animations for weapons and characters.
_Navmesh and enemyAI.

Test on Uberon -> OK.
Enemy AI -> OK.
Animation-> Ok.
NavMesh -> OK.
Weapon manager -> OK.
Gestion Camera -> OK.

Thanks for feedback.

Christian, Jho, Lyne, Raphael, Alex, Randy, Jerome, Rolland, Tylia, Jacynthe, Simons.

Black Hole test, particle and animations, attract to object.

Test version v.0.15

Life and Die system is finish for player and enemy .

Add a direction panel.

New character “Stew”

I would love to see more.

Thank and yes i redo the Uberon for better quality.


Mlle Lyna cute mode
Lvl1 FireBall

Mlle Lyna on mode " You forget my anniversary "
Lvl 2 Meteor + lvl 1

Mlle Lyna on mode " Aie you have other girlFriend"
Lvl3 Super nova , one shot.

Little MAJ For AI script , now the enemy of differents catégory can battle them.

I post a new Uberon soon.

What engine do you use for the game? Is blender only for models or do you use the blender game engine too?

Cool looking game. It looks like all is made in BGE:)

yes all with blender

Oups sorry yes Blender for Mod and Unity for engine, sometimes i use zbrush, Photoshop for texture.
MAJ new Uberon.

Thank Jho for new model, it’s better look.

Sorry im blocked by rules forum, i need accept by modo., but my msg not accept all time.
So, new Uberon.

Lyna And cell interior

This is .exe.

I don’t know why, but time magie is not synchro.

Here 3 Lyna for test, lvl 1, 2 and 3, if lvl1 dead you have fire power, if you kill Lyna lvl2 you have niv 2 etc…

I delete the door for test.

You try touch 5 just for fun fun, but you have the power just if you kill Stew lvl1 (next maj), and if you clic left on the car and release the car move, a little, i know but you have just lvl1 for telekinesis.

Look icon on circle, left on lifebar.

Whit new station i have problem, but say me what you think and i fix.


Oups i forget data

This is good link

My post block again.

This is .exe … e.rar?dl=0

Wasd for move

Right clic for aim and left clic for shoot.
1 for fire magic (just if you kill Lyna lvl1)

5 for fun for test, you are invisible, but next time in game, you have power just if you kill Stew lvl1

I search serious guy, contact me.


Tir effect “Progress”
Hole in station “Fixed”
Camera trougth wall
Anim Idle foot drifting
Anim strafe
Anim crouch
Add doors “Fixed”
Shoot after die “Fixed”
Bug with Area word “Fixed”
Roof labo and exit “Fixed”
Player heavy + bug with collision “Fixed”
Lifebar toward caméra “Fixed”
Machines sound “Fixed”
Weigth paint player “Fixed”
Elements collider “Fixed”
Arms movment when shoot “No problem, anim is ok”
Fps “30 pfs minimum it’s correct”
Sound doppler effect “Fixed”
Level design “Im alone, next time”

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Yes my english is bad i say blocked but i know is waiting accept by moderator

This looks far better than my work, do have a demo video for us non- windows users?

Sorry maybe if guy join me and have mac.

I finish v2 and fix.

I search serious guy for help on v3.

Exe like sonic.exe sci-fi creepypasta

Are you sure you are not using the default Unity 3rd person character controller and its locomotion animations. It looks very familiar.
I might be wrong but the main character is also kind a familiar.