black hole shader

Hey all,

Doe anyone know if blender has a black hole shader like Maya. If it’s not common knowledge, a black hole shader essentially renders it’s associated geometry transparent and with 0 alpha. It’s used a lot in composite shots.

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i very much doubt it.
could you show us an example?

transparent and with 0 alpha? Like, errr… fully transparent? Or does it makes the image transparent where it stands?
Hm, yeah, searching for it, it seems that’s the latter solution.

Try checking the “Env” button on the Material tab, it may do the trick.

If you mean making the image transparent where the object is, lowering the alpha while z-transparency and ray transp are off should do the trick.

I probably should have started to mess around before I posted… But, cranking the alpha slider all the way down does the trick…

Sure, I’ll post a couple images to illustrate.

The left pane is my 3d window, on the right is the video composite.
without a geometry to matte the far glass block wall
with geometry matte
the shader settings.

Good use. Thanks for the information.

Neat compositing trick, the window is almost perfectly snug on the building.