Black Magic Fusion 9 Z pass exr file

Hello dear Community,

I am trying to get the Z pass information from Blender to Fusion 9. I believe that I went through every possible scenario. The problem is that when i’m loading the .exr file into Fusion the Z pass is just plain white plane. I tried to use the Normalize and Map Value nodes in Blender, but in the end I got the same result. I tried the ChannelBoleans node in Fusion but still no results. When I’m using the depth blur node in Fusion than the whole picture is getting blurry. Had anyone the same problem and somehow solved it?

Thank You in advance

Not felilier with Black Magic Fusion 9.

Can I see you’re node setup?

Hi, I have a similare problem, I export from blender a openEXR multilayer with a Z pass and when I import it in fusion I can’t use it directly because It seem that I have to normalize it.
I didnt find a way to do it corectly in fusion. I try to move the auto gain slider to find the right range of the Z pass but I didn’t find the right range. The EXR and the Z pass are corect since I try it in Natron and I had no problem normalizing the Z pass with the grade node.
Does anyone have a solution in fusion ?