Black Male: Realistic Portrait (Now with particles!)

Current Progress:
particle tests:

Original Thread:

Long time no post. I’ve been busy working on 2D projects but I had some free time so I threw together this one. I’m about to take it into zbrush soon


wire is included as well


need to work on the normal map. I’m uploading the colormap. If someone could help make a suitable normal map from it, it would be greatly appreciated.





This is looking great! Just the ears need a little work

I agree, Im going to retexture them soon. Right now I’m focusing on getting the bumpmapping of the rest of the face to look right. Its not an easy task

just a quick test using only one layer of SSS


same as before except with a multilayered shader

(Please don’t mind the eyes)


close up of the skin: you can see the size of the texture :slight_smile:


Too much SSS imo. Otherwise it’s looking good.

he he nice work but i was about to say what he said a little heavy on the sss

tried maq’s shader


changed the overall color:


played with spec


Versus Ben’s Shader:


maq’s wins:

bigger image


maq’s definitely wins

I totally missed that he put a new shader up and so with it:

So much easier to use!!!

I redid all the maps…I think I’m done with the skin, I’ll render out a turn around soon.

Now on to the eyes.

Is the white-ish line above the lips supposed to be there? Looks like a milk moustache to me. There are two white dots on the tip of the nose too.

very true I fixed that: I adjusted the maps again and changed the angle and lighting rig. The works under multiple lighting conditions! yay

Hi Framedworld,
Having done some black characters myself, I think SSS is not the best method to obtain realistic results for this skin color.
You first color map was convincing enough to do the job, just add a spec map and it’ll be perfect.