Black Mesh - Procedural Modeling Tool

I added this command to the autorun. yes, it works. hope you have time to deal with this issue.

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This looks awesome and I’d love working that way! I’ve tried using voxelized meshes but unfortunately it’s not suited for my workflow because I require mid-poly meshes with good topology and shading for UE4. The remeshers that I’ve tried just aren’t up to the task. I still believe that this approach of modeling may be ‘the future’ even for real time purposes, at the latest when we finally don’t need to care about polycount at all any more.


BlackMesh + BMesh

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autosmoothing of normals works in Blender and on voxel objects. Cool!

Nice design. Why do you have these artifacts?

Basically you should have no artifacts.

Here is my blend file:
tmp1.7z (4.8 MB)


Yes, I have to deal with Dilate, that’s where I missed it. In a hurry :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s all good now.


Can someone tell me what creates this kind of error?
It’s shade smooth with autosmmoothing on on 180.

BM is not properly configured. The manual describes how to avoid this artifact (simple enough, but you should read it so that you know the tool and use it as well as possible)

I would suggest setting up autosmoothing to 30 degrees and possibliy decrease adaptivity.

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Is using these 3 different smoothing filters the same as remeshing the object three times (adding 3 remesh modifiers in the stack) or is it somehow more efficient? Thanks!

Something like this. But in my case it all happens at vdb level. BM booleans and smoothes voxels.

Awesome modeling, I love it.

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how do you use sculpt mask? Im trying to replicate part smoothing but it smooths all mesh regardless of masking area.

imho convinient different levels of smoothing for each boolean badly needed

I just mask area and smoouth it with the Mesh Filter.

also, why after smoothing operation shading changed to flat?

Hi! I have lot on my plate lately, but I dropped by to show my progress, and say that still any troubles with addon - especially any crashes.

I had one bump, and maybe it will help someone in the future. Try to not change origin point for a “black mesh” mesh, OR match it with source mesh origin positon. I think it is not a very common thing to do, but in my case I made it and my booleans were in different positions than boolean meshes.
I made a video, it shows this, but not very clear, I’m afraid.

I think its a bug, but not very problematic. I hope next time I will be here it will be finished.


Nice update!
That’s not a bug. An origin should be the same as the Source Object has one. If you want to change the origin you should also change the origin of the Source Object.


Hi Mifth, I like the tool and I am figuring out how it can fit my workflow. It only took me a while to figure out that a smoothing filter needs to be added to funtion. But I cannot figure out how to get a smooth mesh out of my imported cad data.

My imported model from CAD looks not perfect but okay for me with smooth shading:

The mesh does not look too great :frowning:

And I am trying to convert it into a smooth mesh with blackmesh. And also add the welding geometry at once.

With the following settings

The issue I have with this is that you see the underlaying triangles in the output file. What do you think could be a solution to create a smooth surface?

make Your input mesh more smooth. It only looks smooth thanks to shading.
Kinda Garbage in, garbage out.

Export more dense mesh from CAD to more accurate describe surface, or eventually try to smooth it in blender manualy if its only in few places.

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